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flower vase


The theme for this year's workshop was "flower vase" .
Considering what kind of place it is to be placed in and in what way kind of flowers are to be displayed points to the idea that you are not just choosing a vase, but are considering the elements that from the general world interpretation of what a "vase" actually is - something in which flowers are arranged; form this spring forth. Please savor the ideas that break the mold - those ideas where you think, "So this is possible too" .
Naoto Fukasawa


without thoughtの楽しみ方
without thoughtもそのひとつ。さまざまな企業から参加するインハウスデザイナーの代表チームに、プロダクトデザイナーの深澤直人氏を代表監督(デザインディレクター)に迎え、独自のワークショップを開催。その豊かな果実を世界に届けるプロジェクトです。
今回のデザインテーマは「花器 flower vase」。東京に暮らしていても、近頃は、けっこう花を楽しめます。花をプレゼントするのがちょっと恥ずかしかったのは昔の世代(失礼?)。ビジネスマンが小さな花束をもって家路につくのも日常の風景。デザインショップにもいろんな花器が並んでいます。誰もが体験している、花を楽しむという感覚。さて、without thoughtとは、文字通り「考えない」で、無意識に、直感的に伝わるデザインです。ふだんは意識の底に隠れていて、気付かなかったけれど、without thoughtが気付かせてくれる、花の楽しみ方。「ああ!こんなふうに!」と、心ときめかせてくれる花器のデザインを、皆さんにプレゼントしましょう!

ダイヤモンド デザインマネジメント ネットワーク機構
DMNディレクター 河嶋隆司 

How to enjoy without thought
In-house designers: as company workers, theirs is to get things done in a professional manner. It goes without saying that they design for the company or for the industry; but there are times when they take pleasure in working, designing for society or for themselves. DMN (Diamond Design Management Network) is a place, a "BA" , for those people who have broken free of this "company worker" framework, those who bring creativity to what they do. Since its establishment in 1990, DMN has acted as a network to link the design minds of companies.
Without thought is one project with this end in mind. Representative team of in-house designers from different companies participating are created, and with product designer Naoto Fukasawa as design director, a unique kind of workshop that young designers the world over would love to experience is held. And then it delivers the fruits of its labor to the world.
The design theme for this Without thought is "flower vase" . It is possible these days to enjoy flowers even when you're living in Tokyo. The idea of giving flowers being something a little embarrassing belongs to pas generations. It's quite common now to see businessman making their way home toting small bouquets of flowers. There are a variety of vases lined up in design shops now, too. Enjoying flowers - a sensation everyone has experienced. Without thought is exactly what its name suggests - unthinking; design that is transmitted unconsciously, intuitively, to people. The way to enjoy flowers - it's something that is usually hidden at the bottom of our consciousness and as such we don't realize it; Without thought has un realizing. We give you the gift of flower vase designs that make you heart race, designs that make you think, "Oh! Like this!"

Diamond Desing Management Network 
Takashi Kawashima DMN Director 


WITHOUT THOUGHT Vol.9 flower vase 図録


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